Dear Stamp Collector,

Allow me to introduce you to my friend of over 35 years, Mark Morrow.

I think of everyone who interacts with Mystic as a member of our stamp family.  So whether you are buying or selling stamps, we treat you the way we’d treat a family member.

That’s why I’m proud to have Mark Morrow as Mystic’s head stamp buyer.  Mark is a close friend and the stamp-buying expert I’ve recommended to my own family members and friends with stamps to sell.  And that’s why I confidently recommend Mark to you.

Mark has 35 years of experience valuing and buying stamps.  Mystic is America’s most active stamp buyer, so Mark has purchased well over $30 million worth of stamps for Mystic in the last three years alone!  Mark is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced stamp buyers in the world today.

Over the years, many stamp collectors and professional stamp dealers have written me with positive comments after dealing with Mark.  Common themes are Mark’s professionalism, patience, knowledge, expertise, attention to detail and courtesy.  Simply put, I think Mark is the best stamp buyer in the business.

Mark has the expertise to determine the full market value of your stamps…and we’ll pay you what your stamps are really worth, even if you’re unsure of their value.  You can trust Mystic and Mark.

Mark Morrow and Don Sundman together at a stamp show in Washington DC, 2006

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