Get What Your Stamps Are Really Worth.

For over 35 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Donald Sundman, the President of Mystic Stamp Company. Mystic Stamp Company is the leading stamp dealer in America, and they’ve been at it for quite a while. Mystic serves more collectors and sell more stamps than anyone else in the United States!

Mystic sells lots of stamps, and to keep up with their customers, they need to buy even more stamps. That’s where I come in – I can pay more for stamps because Mystic is always on the lookout for great stamps.

Most stamp dealers are small operations. In fact, any stamp dealer with a few employees is likely a large dealer. Mystic employs 150 people!

Did you know Mystic sells lots of rare U.S. stamps? Check out the rare stamps on Mystic’s website and you’ll see I’m in the market for all types of stamps… even rare U.S. errors.

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