I love to share letters I’ve received from real collectors who’ve sold me their stamps and coins.

I’m proud of this letter I received from a collector:

“After 30 years of moving my father’s large stamp collection from here to there in my house… it was time to sell. How to do it was another problem. So I went on the net… got an updated Scotts cat and went to work on them… and for about five years drove myself nuts.

I went to local dealers and felt like I was being given the Bum’s Rush.

Then I came across the Mystic Stamp website – very well put together and informational.

I spoke to Mark Morrow… and he understood the size of my collection. Mark Morrow arrived at my home when he said he would be there. After meeting with him I was quite at ease and I thought he was very professional and courteous.

After about four plus hours and going page-by-page and answering my questions he made me his offer.

And the offer was one that I was very comfortable with.

In my opinion the honesty of Mr. Morrow is in fact a rare quality… something I did not find or feel with other dealers.

My only regret was not calling sooner. Thanks, again.”

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